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Big Pot Prizes at Our Guam Bingo Games

Bingo games at Century Plaza in Tamuning, Guam are a nearby source of fun and excitement for the whole family. Lucky Latte Bingo brings you games six evenings a week at our family-friendly location to ensure your night out stays affordable and entertaining. As you enjoy the thrill of the games with your friends and neighbors in the community, you also have the chance to win one of our substantial big pot prizes. The size of the prize varies by the game and package, and every night brings the opportunity for new winners to collect. While you’re at Century Plaza, you can also enjoy a few games of bowling and dine out at a restaurant, all of which are nearby. Make plans to play Bingo this week and enjoy an evening of excitement at a low cost.

two woman working at lucky latte bingo

Examples of Our Lucrative Winnings Include the Following:

Lucky Latte Bingo is your chance to play for big pot prizes without having to spend an unreasonable amount of money. Our prices for buy-ins and packages are very affordable for a night out, and you get the excitement of playing games for a chance to win prizes that get into the thousands of dollars. You also have the opportunity to take your friends and loved ones to our safe and family-friendly location in Tamuning and enjoy the company of the community. Whether you make a minimum buy-in or purchase one of our best value packages, you’re sure to enjoy your evening as the games proceed. Our doors open at 4:00 pm, and the Bingo game starts at 7:30 pm every day of the week except Tuesday. While you’re having fun, stay focused for a chance to win one of the games and collect a sizable prize.

Examples of Our Lucrative Winnings Include the Following:
Coverall Giveaway


Letter X Giveaway


Junior Blackout Giveaway


Indian Star Giveaway


Package Games


Playing for a Good Cause

When you play games for prizes at Lucky Latte Bingo, you’re also supporting a worthy organization. Tatuha Inc. is a non-profit corporation that supports and promotes a healthy community, as well as preventing and combating juvenile delinquency and encouraging physical development and responsibility. The proceeds from Lucky Latte Bingo go to Tatuha Inc. to continue sponsoring and supporting the communities in Tamuning-Tumon and Harmon, GU at various events. Stop by our Bingo games this week to play for big prizes and support your community.

Visit Lucky Latte Bingo for a Chance to Win Big Prizes